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We have a number of HR support packages specifically designed for start up and small to medium sized businesses. These packages have been developed in order deliver essential people management services and can be tailored according to clients’ specific needs and budgets. We would happy to show you how we can provide effective and affordable people management services via:

People Management Health Check. The purpose of the Health Check is to pinpoint and address any areas of concern in relation to compliance and risk management, and identify opportunities to improve return on employee investment. At the completion of the health check we will produce and deliver a report identifying areas of concern and options for improvement. We will also produce and deliver a comprehensive suite of new and/or amended documents designed specifically for your business. Contact us now to discuss how we can help you address your people management responsibilities and opportunities.

Essential People Management. In addition to the health check we also provide an ongoing support package – Essential People Management. This has been specifically tailored for start-up and small businesses and is aimed at providing our clients with a professional and affordable people management solution at a fixed price that is both easily accessible and flexible enough to meet specific needs. Contact us now to discuss how we can help you manage of your people management responsibilities and opportunities.

Complete People Management. This is our premium service and provides our clients with a complete ongoing support solution.  In summary, we do everything you would expect of your own human resources manager, but at a fraction of the cost of employing someone directly to do the role. Contact us now to discuss how we can take care of your people management responsibilities and opportunities.

Workplace Investigations. Situations arise in all workplace where employers either become aware that something is amiss, or more commonly, there is a complaint or tip off from an employee. This requires investigations to be undertaken to determine what has taken place or is taking place, in order that the company can respond appropriately. We offer an independent investigation service into all types of Workplace issues and incidents. These include accident or incident, bullying or harassment or any other type of grievance or complaint.

Dispute Management/Mediation. In any workplace there will be occasions when employees may be in dispute. This can be extremely disruptive to the business and cause distress for the direct parties or those around them. We offer and independent mediation service which can help parties to work through issues and take ownership of solutions.

DiSC Profiling/Training. Companies can have fantastic business planning processes and sound values in place but all businesses are dependent on the delivery of these by their Managers and Leaders. We offer a service whereby we can assess the strengths and development opportunities of your Leaders and assist them to understand themselves better and also those around them. This leads to much better team work and workplace harmony.

Practical Leadership Development. Further to the DiSC profiling and Coaching we can provide practical training programs for your Managers and Leaders to help them better understand and deliver on their leadership responsibilities in the context of their specific job roles and the broader business objectives. These programs are tailored and practical.

Workplace Audits. It is imperative that all businesses understand their inherent risks and take all practical steps to manage them, while still delivering on their commercial objectives. We can provide insight into your risk profile by conducting a workplace safety audit. This can also include the management of any workplace incidents or injuries.

Safety Planning. After establishing your risk profile we can work with you to implement a practical Safety Management System which addresses these risks and provides demonstrable evidence of your exercise of your Due Diligence obligations. This is extremely important given that both companies and individuals share legislative responsibility for safety.

Safety Management Training. Part of your system must be to provide adequate training to employees and Managers around their Safety responsibilities. We offer a range of tailored programs to meet this legislative obligation. In any safety prosecution that occurs a lack of safety training is always included as part of the breach.

Critical Incident Management. From time to time businesses face critical incidents which they have not predicted or planned for. The manner in which your business responds to these incidents can have a significant bearing on the long-term outcome. We can help you to manage any critical incident including such issues as securing appropriate legal advice and protection, dealing appropriately with the media, managing distressed employees, notification to relevant authorities and managing that ongoing communication and potential claims management.

If you need assistance with a specific issue we are also happy to any people management consultancy work as a one off exercise. There is not much in the people space that we have not done and the range of projects we are equipped to handle is extremely wide. Below is a list of typical solutions we can assist you with across the complete employee cycle. This is not an exclusive list by any means so if what you are looking for is not here please ask. We are sure we can help!

Recruitment and Selection

  • Design either an overall or role specific recruitment and selection strategy based on your unique needs
  • Design and develop position descriptions for your roles which will clearly inform selection activities
  • Help you develop your own Employee Value Proposition
  • Assist you through either the whole or specific parts (i.e. advertising, shortlisting, background checking, etc.) of the recruitment and selection process for a role

Induction and Onboarding

  • Review your current induction and onboarding practices and recommend areas for improvement
  • Design either an overall or role specific induction and onboarding program based on your unique needs

Employment Contracts

  • Review your current employment contracts and recommend areas for improvement
  • Design an employee communication/consultation process for when it has been identified that contracts need to be changed
  • Design either a standard or role specific employment contract based on your unique needs

Performance Management

  • Design a complete performance management system designed specifically to meet your needs
  • Assist you to implement your performance management system via a planned and, as required, staged approach
  • Assist you to identify key performance indicators for your business and cascade them to team and individual level
  • Train your leaders in conducting performance conversations and assist you in planning and scheduling them
  • Review or design a development planning approach that supports your performance management system
  • Design or review a process for managing underperforming employees
  • Advise and assist you in managing particular underperformance issues, including Fair Work Commission representation if required
  • Audit your current people management activities to ensure they support your performance management approach

Remuneration Strategy

  • Review your current remuneration practices against current market trends and/or your organisational goals
  • Assist you to develop and implement your own remuneration strategy
  • Assist you in determining current market rates for your roles

Reward and Recognition

  • Review your current employee reward and recognition practices and recommend areas for improvement
  • Assist you to design and implement an employee reward and recognition programme that will meet your organisational goals

Retention Management

  • Design and/or conduct exit interviews, an engagement survey and/or focus group discussions on your behalf
  • Design a retention strategy specifically for your organisation

Learning and Development

  • Design and comprehensive learning and development strategy for your organisation
  • Assist you to undertake a training needs analysis to identifies gaps and opportunities
  • Assist you to take a strategic approach to a particular learning and development need

Motivation and Engagement

  • Assist you to design an employee communication process to uncover present levels of motivation and engagement.
  • Conduct an audit of current management practices in relation to their impact on employee motivation and engagement
  • Design a comprehensive motivation and engagement strategy to meet your needs

Anti Bullying

  • Design and conduct a workplace bullying risk assessment
  • Assist you to implement a workplace bullying policy and complaints procedure
  • Conduct anti-bullying training and awareness sessions for your managers and employees
  • Investigate any workplace bullying complaints on your behalf and advise you on resolution

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